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“I am curious.”


“Who is it that feels this touch, Rasan or Sharas?”

Rasan shivered as Karim’s large hand trailed down his arm. He did not move as the man slowly slid that hand up under his tunic and caressed his goose-pimpled chest. Large, hot fingers rubbed his nipples, turning them as hard as little stones.

“Oh gods,” Rasan whispered breathily. “Karim…I…Girale wouldn’t like this.”

“Do you?”

Rasan nodded, biting the tip of his tongue as Karim gently pinched his left nipple between thumb and forefinger.


“He does not like it?”

“Sharas isn’t here. I don’t think. But he would not like this.”

Karim pulled back.

Rasan lurched up and grabbed at him. “Please! I do like it. I need a little more. Please just a little more. Oh gods, Sharas! I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you but I need more.”

“Then you shall have more.”

Karim pushed Rasan back onto the bed and pushed his tunic up, exposing his midriff then his chest. Rasan shuddered as the garment was pushed up over his head before being thrown aside. He gulped as large, hot hands tugged at the waistband of his trousers. He felt the material sliding down his legs. He lay naked, arms by his sides, legs together, shuddering in the darkness as he imagined Karim bending over him.

He wanted the man to touch him. He wanted the man naked against him, his skin warming his, the weight of him on his body, between his legs. They opened slightly.

He mustn’t though. Sharas. He must consider Sharas. Tears trickled warmly down his cheeks.

“Please. Don’t hurt him,” he whispered.

“Hush now, my lord,” Karim murmured. “I shall not leave a mark on this body or cause it any hurt. There are things we can do that will leave no sign.”

Rasan uttered a sigh as his legs were parted. He felt Karim’s hands stroking his thighs. He gasped as a warm hand closed around his scrotum. It gripped and squeezed for long minutes then released him. A longer minute passed and he thought Karim had left him. Then he felt warm lips graze his lower belly. He shuddered as Karim ducked lower. The man hadn’t shaved in days and his stubble was scratchy against Rasan’s thighs. Rasan cried out and clutched the bedcovers as his cock was engulfed in the warm wetness of Karim’s hungrily sucking mouth.

I’m sorry, Sharas, he moaned inwardly. I don’t want to hurt you but I need a little something for myself. Forgive me.

“Oh, Karim! Oh gods. Yes! Please. Just a little more.”

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