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Rasan uttered a soft moan as Girale gripped him and squeezed gently.

“I reached for you in the dream,” Girale uttered, adding a moan of his own. “You were so hard, like stone, and it was hot in my hand, like a burning firebrand.” His fingers curled lovingly around Rasan’s slender cock. It was warm and beginning to stiffen under his touch. “Your entire body was so hot; outside and in.”

Girale leaned in, pressing Rasan back down into the pillows, his fingers releasing his hold. His hand passed over his scrotum, caressing it. Such delightfully soft hair covering it. Girale’s fingers moved behind it, creeping back and up.

Rasan uttered a soft cry as those fingers pressed gently against his anus. That tight opening spasmed and tightened further. He drew back as Girale leaned even closer.

“Wait,” he urged. “Wait. Please. I…I can’t.”

“Shush.” Girale placed the lightest of kisses on Rasan’s mouth while slowly pulling the bedcovers away from his shivering body. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

He let the covers slither to the floor and draped his body over Rasan’s, nudging his legs apart with his knee and rested the weight of his lower body between them. He raised his upper body up, taking the weight on his arms, wanting to look down at Rasan, to see his face, to watch his expressions.

Rasan was white, his throat working as he swallowed heavily. Girale’s groin was pressed so firmly against his own, their members touching, crushed against each other. He felt the other man hard against him and was shocked to realise that he was stiffening in response.

Girale rocked his hips, rubbing his erection against him. Rasan felt his heart beginning to pound in his chest.

It was going to be now. They were going to do ‘it’. In a few short minutes he would feel Girale inside him.

He began to breathe in short panting gasps.

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