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De’Valware moaned as Daniel’s fingers massaged his scalp. His skin prickled warmly. His entire body was warm. His own cock was as stiff as a poker between his legs. He imagined it between Daniel’s legs. He imagined it completely buried in his tight warmth. He imagined the cries Daniel would utter as it thrust back and forth inside him. He groaned loudly and suckled harder and faster at the younger man’s groin. He took his cock all the way into his mouth, letting it touch the roof and rest heavily on the back of his tongue.

Daniel felt the urge to come returning with a vengeance but this time he allowed it to run its course. He came with a gasping cry and sagged in the chair, his eyelids heavy and slipping shut. He sat slumped and listening to De’Valware’s soft delighted murmurs as he lapped up the sticky juices. He murmured softly as warm fingers grasped him, stroking gently, before rubbing at the tip of his cock. He sighed as De’Valware coated his fingers in his wetness but didn’t open his eyes to watch what he was doing.

He didn’t open his eyes when he felt himself being lifted and carried.

They stayed closed as he was placed on a soft surface and the rest of his clothes were removed.

He lay there, eyes shut, as De’Valware’s hands caressed him. He shivered as fingers gently pinched his nipples. He smiled as they skimmed across his belly, tickling him. He sighed as they touched him between his legs: wrapping around his cock, gently pummelling his balls and then finally slipping between his goose-pimpled buttocks.

He uttered a little cry and his eyes snapped open as the tip of a moistened index finger pressed firmly against his anus. He looked up. De’Valware was sitting, naked, between his outstretched legs. De’Valware applied the pressure a second time. Daniel gasped softly and shifted on the rug.

“Am I hurting you?” De’Valware asked quietly.

Daniel gulped and shook his head. “No. Just… Go slowly. Okay?”

De’Valware’s lion-like eyes glittered in the light cast by the fire crackling a few feet away. His gaze never wavered as he applied the pressure for a third time. This time the finger didn’t just press against him; it slipped inside! It slid up to the first knuckle. Daniel breathed slowly and moistened his dry mouth.

De’Valware’s finger slid further, up to the second knuckle. Daniel couldn’t tear his gaze away from De’Valware’s though he half wished he could. De’Valware’s amber eyes seemed to be turning into gold; great big discs of gold, like two burning suns. He could feel himself being pulled into their fiery depths. It was a hypnotic sensation. It was frightening. He wanted to cry out no, stop. It’s too hot. I’ll burn!

De’Valware’s finger slid further to the third and final knuckle and now his eyes were gleaming; twin suns blazing away. Any moment now and solar flares would erupt from them and Daniel would be blinded.

He moistened his lips again. “Please,” he croaked. “Stop.”

And De’Valware did. He blinked. His golden eyes dimmed; his finger gently withdrew. He reached out and gathered Daniel up into his lap and held him against his body. He didn’t try to kiss him, nor touch him. He just held him.

They sat like that for a long while. They were so still they might have been carved from marble like one of De’Valware’s eerily life-life statues. Their heat merged as they sat pressed together. Daniel felt De’Valware’s heart thumping against his own chest; he wondered if De’Valware could feel his. The man’s cock was hard beneath him, trapped under his right buttock. His own was crushed against De’Valware’s stomach.

After what seemed an eternity, De’Valware moved. His left hand gently stroked the hard edge of one of Daniel’s shoulder blades.

“Are you alright?” he murmured. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” Daniel whispered. “It was just…things were a little intense there for a minute.” He pulled back a little and stared down timidly. “I was a little scared. I felt like…like I was drowning.”

De’Valware’s left hand ran lightly up and down his back.

He smiled softly. “You don’t need to be afraid. I won’t let you drown. I saved you before, remember?”

Daniel gazed up at him. For the first time his green eyes did not unnerve him. They were no longer Raymond’s eyes; they were completely and utterly Daniel’s.

“I’ll always be there to save you.”

“Promise?” Daniel whispered.

“I promise.”

Daniel sighed and pressed himself tighter against De’Valware. He reached around his back to grasp De’Valware’s softly-stroking hand and guided it down, urging his fingers to slide once again between the cleft in his buttocks. He gasped softly as the index finger entered him again. He bore down on it until it was completely engulfed, and writhed and squirmed on it, delighting De’Valware with his low moans and startled little cries.

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