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It had been a week since Girale had slept beside him but his scent still lingered. He breathed it in again and again, sighing with a desperate longing. Hurry home, Girale. Hurry home. I need you. I need to feel you.

A darker flush suffused his skin.

They both knew what he needed to feel.

He rolled onto his back, clutching Girale’s pillow to his chest with one arm, squeezing it as he would squeeze Girale if he was here. His free hand slipped down his body, gripped and squeezed for an instant his now half-wilted cock, before moving behind it to caress his scrotum. It was tender to the touch, its contents throbbing inside, needing to be released. His hand moved further back, his legs opening to give it room to explore. He touched a finger to his anus and stroked it gently. He sighed, imagining it was Girale stroking him so nicely. He uttered a small groan and tossed the pillow away and threw himself onto his stomach. Hugging the pillow was no good. It couldn’t hug him back. Touching himself was no good. It didn’t satisfy him the way being touched by another did. He moved away from Girale’s side of the bed, finding the smell of him both wonderful and agonisingly stimulating.

He fetched up on the left side of the bed and pressed his face into the pillow there, smelling a different scent. It was a potent scent, as powerful as the man who exuded it. He inhaled deeply and shuddered, the aroma evoking strong memories.

He lay belly down, his face buried in the pillow, his erection returning with a vengeance. He squirmed on the mattress, rubbing against it, slowly at first then faster, groaning at the delightful friction of skin on cotton. Malor switched between silk sheets and cotton depending on his mood. Silk sheets were for when he was feeling especially decadent. He admitted to a preference for cotton sheets though.

“A king is expected to have silk sheets and expectations should be met if it is useful to do so, but for practical purposes cotton sheets are best. Cotton breathes. It allows flesh to breathe. And” – he had added with a sly grin – “when a man is pleasuring his lover he doesn’t want him to be able to slip away before he’s done, and silk can be very slippery.”

Rasan uttered a soft groan as he pressed harder into the mattress.

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