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Haryon let his gaze travel up and down the length of Kirin’s body. The malnourishment had not dented the young man’s attractiveness and his odd tattoos and lack of memory gave him an air of mystery that he found sensual. Haryon had always been drawn to secrets but was he drawn to this young man?

He wanted to help him, wanted to ease his suffering but was that desire? When he’d chosen to bring Kirin into the temple had it only been a case of like recognising like? Haryon and Kirin were both hurting (in different ways). Maybe that was the only reason for his actions.

Perhaps it was simply that he’d sensed the young man’s power and had known what had to be done.

Who was it that was drawn to Kirin; Haryon the man or Haryon the priest?

You called him Kirin? Kirrick’s voice echoed in his mind.

Why had he done that if not out of a sense of desire? It was not a name to be so casually bandied about.

Haryon closed his eyes.

Ah, my beautiful one. My Kirin.

The words had been uttered in his ear, carried on a breath of warm air. The man who’d uttered them had clutched so tightly at him. His weight had been so heavy on his back. For a moment too heavy and he’d cried out, fearing that he couldn’t breathe properly. Then the man had lifted himself up on his arms, thrusting forward and Haryon had cried out again, this time because of the exquisite pleasure sweeping through him.

My Kirin. My sweet Kirin.

Haryon opened his eyes.

Kirin was awake and looking steadily at him. Haryon smiled briefly, wondering how much of his remembrances the young man could read on his face.

He sees all that has gone before, spirits and memories, Kirrick had said.

Haryon had given him that name and he was lying in the very bed where…

He swallowed, remembering other times: fumbling and tumbles, eager hands, grasping fingers, whispered endearments…hot fevered kisses.

Kirin merely stared at him, awaiting instructions.

“Come with me,” Haryon uttered. “You have the Talent and must be taught how to use it, how to control it and more importantly how not to use it.”

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