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“Do you think I have a conscience?” the prince repeated, speaking softly in Sharas’s ear, resisting the urge to bite it.

“We will find that out when you are on Snow Mist, but I think you do.”

“You hold me in too high a regard I think,” Shurn breathed. “You think because I did not hurt Rasan I won’t hurt you?”

His hand moved up all the way and gripped Sharas through his robes, finding him shrivelled in fright. And still he did not call out for help or push him away or run from him. Something held him in place. Was it still bravery or was he too afraid to move or call out? He need only utter a squeak and the big man would come running. He was just outside that door. Shurn could see the man’s shadow as he paced agitatedly.

He slid his hand back down Sharas’s leg and began gathering up the material of his robe. The silk slid up so effortlessly. Disappointingly, Sharas wasn’t nude beneath it, but no matter. His trousers would not be much of an obstacle. He tugged playfully at the waistband.

“Cry out, Orean,” he whispered. “Cry out so the big man will hear. He’ll save you, won’t he?” He licked Sharas’s ear, his tongue flicking out quick like that of a snake’s. “Or will he? He tasted Rasan’s charms, that one. Want to bet he would love the chance to taste yours?” He slid his fingers beneath Sharas’s waistband and moaned inwardly, feeling the first curling hairs at his groin. So soft. He wished the light was better so he could see the colour.

“Please. Don’t,” Sharas uttered. “You didn’t hurt Rasan.”

“You are not Rasan.”

“It would hurt Rasan if you hurt me.”

Shurn smiled softly. “You plead with such passion,” he groaned. “Are you truly afraid or is it a case of the man doth protest too much?”

“I am truly afraid and you know why.”

“Do I?”

Sharas snatched at Shurn’s creeping hand and brought it up to his neck, pressing his fingers to the back of it so he could feel the scar.

Shurn stroked it leisurely before gripping Sharas hard and yanking him close.

“Do you think this will stop me? Do you think I feel such pity for you now because we have shared similar experiences? You are the empath not I.”

“I helped to heal you.”

“And I should thank you properly, with a kiss.”

Sharas’s blind eyes stretched wide as Shurn’s mouth locked tight over his. His lips were forced open and Shurn’s tongue, fiercely insistent, explored his mouth.

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