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“I’ll be alright,” Shurn moaned, feeling Sharas’s hand touching him through his clothes.

“I know you will. I’ll make it alright.”

Shurn uttered a soft cry as Sharas’s hands moved to the belt at his waist. His trousers were drawn down. The cold air struck his bare flesh. He felt Sharas’s hand going between his legs and moving back.

“Don’t,” he groaned. “Please. Don’t. It hurts.”

“It won’t in a minute,” Sharas assured him.

Shurn nearly passed out as Sharas’s fingers pressed gently against him. For a second the pain was monstrous and he wanted to fling Sharas away from him then suddenly the most soothing sensation moved through him. There was no pain. It was just gone. Not faded. Just completely and utterly gone. There was no pain, not even a mild ache. All there was inside him was warmth: gentle, delightful, soothing warmth.

He sighed and slid down onto the floor, his gaze turned up to the ceiling, which seemed so very bright. The whole room seemed bright: bright with a warm golden light, like someone had opened a window and the sun was streaming through.

Sharas’s hand moved between his legs and it was glorious. By the gods, so gentle, and warm, and moving so lovingly across his skin. The tips of Sharas’s fingers gently encircled the rough skin of his anus and warmth seemed to flood from those tips and into him. It filled him, travelling up and up, filling every part of him, touching every sore spot and making that soreness just vanish.

He opened his legs wider, suddenly wanting those fingers inside him.

“By the gods, please. Inside me. Inside.”

He groaned as Sharas complied. Gentle fingers pushed inside, so slowly and carefully, slipping in inch by delicate inch.

Shurn sprawled almost drunkenly on the floor, revelling in the touch, groaning in delight as Sharas’s warm palm came to rest against the underside of his scrotal sac. He laughed, surprising himself with the sound, amazed he could still laugh after what the Executioner had done. He laughed with delight, with joy he had rarely felt, and turned his head to one side and gazed up and around, looking into all the dark nooks and crannies of the room, to where, if there were any, the cameras might have been. He smiled widely. Enjoying yourself, you bastard, he uttered silently? Thought you could break me, didn’t you? And maybe you did, for a moment, but he fixed me.

He turned his head back and gazed at Sharas. “You’ll always fix me, won’t you?” he murmured, almost wonderingly.

Sharas’s blind eyes glittered as he tended to him. A light seemed to burn behind those pale orbs, an oddly golden light. Shurn wondered at it briefly but swiftly lost interest as the Orean’s fingers slipped out of him, leaving him empty and wanting more.

Sharas sat back on his heels and reached down to caress Shurn’s panting chest.

“Is that better now?” he asked.


Shurn sat up swiftly and clutched at Sharas, yanking him towards him and covered his mouth with his. Sod Sireen. Sod the Executioner. Sod the whole bloody lot of them aboard this ship. If they were watching, let them watch. If they were listening, let them listen. He’d give them sights and sounds worth remembering. Not that they’d have much time to remember them. He was going to kill them all, slowly and with lots and lots of pain.

But pain later. First, pleasure.

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