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Girale fixed his eyes on the wall opposite and forced his mind to go cold deep inside.

He would not make a sound whatever happened. He would not move a muscle nor utter so much as a whimper. Pain was nothing to a Kashalar.

But there was surprisingly no pain.

There was pressure and heat.

Malor’s cock rubbed back and forth between his buttocks, sliding over the puckered skin of his anus, but there was no penetration. There was just the rubbing. Back and forth. Back and forth. Malor’s flesh was heavy between his legs. It was hard and the skin was hot against his.

Deliciously hot.

He blinked rapidly.

Deliciously hot. Wonderfully hot. So good.

He had never felt so good.

He counselled himself to be cautious.

You are Kashalar. Pain is nothing to a Kashalar. And nor is pleasure. Still your mind. Your emotions are showing. Rein them in.

He struggled to do so.

Malor was rubbing faster. It was very warm between his legs and his own cock was stiffening. He gnawed harder on his lower lip, hoping that pain would focus his mind elsewhere.

Then suddenly Malor stopped and he almost groaned aloud with disappointment.

Then there was something warm and wet pressing against his anus. It was Malor’s tongue!

His eyes stretched wide. Confusion was now running rampant through him. What was happening? What was the prince doing? Why was he doing it?

Malor moaned loudly, his breath hot against his backside, his tongue lapping furiously. He seemed to be enjoying it. Girale was so shocked he didn’t know how he felt. He’d had no idea about this, that people, men, did such things to each other. Was this normal for a Kashalar?

Malor’s tongue nudged hard against him, trying to push inside. His hands were clamped on his buttocks, fingers digging deep as he spread his cheeks further apart.

Girale couldn’t stop himself from squirming. His hips jerked back and up as Malor pressed on a particularly sensitive nerve and he groaned: the sound cutting off midway though as terror flooded him.

The noise had been so obviously one of pleasure. Had he revealed himself with that one utterance? Would he be punished for it?

Malor’s tongue was gone. His anus spasmed, wet with saliva. He wanted the prince to go back there. He wanted to feel again that warm wetness.

He lay still, not speaking a word, terribly fearful now.

Then Malor pressed against him again. The full weight of the man’s body was on his. He couldn’t move. He was helpless. He was scared. Malor was hard between his legs, his cock resting stiffly between his buttocks. Was he going to use it now? Would it hurt? Would he tell people about it afterwards? There were those who said the prince liked to brag about his conquests.

He wasn’t sure what he was most afraid of, that it would hurt or that Malor would boast about it afterwards.

He uttered a small cry as Malor suddenly lifted him, drawing him up off the table and back against his body. The prince’s arm coiled around his waist. Then his hand darted down and grasped his penis.

He worked him by turns hard and fast, slowly and gently, tugging and jerking expertly, working the whole length of his shaft from tip to balls and back again. He cupped and massaged his scrotum, handling it as he would something precious.

Girale had never had any hand on him in this fashion but his own, and even that rarely. He fought not to let his pleasure show. For Kashalar this act was nothing, just an itch to be scratched, a bothersome nuisance to be dealt with and dismissed. There was no true pleasure in the act. The only real pleasure was in serving the Empire.

But oh by the gods it was so good. Never had he been touched with anything even remotely resembling tenderness and this was tender. He had expected pain but there was none.

Malor squeezed and tugged and jerked him to completion. He came with a moaning cry and collapsed heavily on the table. He lay shuddering, suddenly fearful again.

He had shown too much emotion, revealed his pleasure, proved that he was nothing but a weakling with a desire for love. He would be punished now for sure.

Malor’s body pressed heavily on his again. Girale jerked, feeling the other man’s cock pressing meaningfully against him.

Now there would be punishment. Now there would be pain. And he was having trouble focusing his mind. His barriers were weakening. It would hurt. He might even cry. He could feel his eyes moistening even now. He was going to be revealed, completely and utterly. He was no true Kashalar. He was a disgusting weakling.

Malor pressed more firmly and he uttered a soft cry.

“Please. No. By the gods, don’t hurt me. Please.”

The plea was so softly uttered he didn’t think Malor had heard him but the man got up and moved away from him.

“Pull up your trousers, Girale. You’re dismissed.”

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