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This is a showcase for erotic writings that contain graphic descriptions of male-on-male sexual activity.

It is not for those under the age of eighteen (or twenty one, if viewing this site in certain US states) or those offended by such descriptions. Also do not continue on if doing so would violate the laws of your country.

If you are prepared to continue on then do so and I hope you enjoy what you read but please bear in mind that what you read is simply a work of fiction and not to be taken too seriously. It is all just a bit of fun and in no way am I encouraging you, dear reader, to act out anything you see here.

Remember the golden rule - sex should always be consensual and safe.

Follow the links on the right to view excerpts of my work and if you wish to read more click on the various links on each page to purchase a digital copy of my books from the Amazon and Smashwords websites.

If you enjoy what you read here don't forget to bookmark this page and return at regular intervals for updates.

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dividing line to separate my sales items

This is my author profile on Smashwords, under my main writing name, Yvonne Carsley. You can find all my books listed under this profile, whether it be my fantasy books or my erotic writing. Check back regularly for updates as I shall be adding more work as and when it is ready for publication.

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